Independent wine merchants can help put a smile on Dad's face

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Father's Day is coming up, so why not treat Dad with a bottle from your local independent wine merchants?

If you're over 18, or you're a Mum looking for the perfect gift 'from the kids' for your partner, a good bottle of fine wine is always an excellent choice.

There are plenty of options, too - and if you're not sure, your local independent wine merchant's might be able to help you decide.

It doesn't have to be wine, either, as you might opt for something with some fizz in it to go with a family meal.

We also have plenty of beers to choose from, making the perfect gift for hop-lovers.

But if you want a really Dad-themed gift, our Perfect BBQ Selection is a case deal that saves you over £10 on six bottles of wine.

There's Prosecco for the fizz, a Rose that's a lovely light option for salads and seafood, and a zesty bottle of Picpoul de Pinet.

For the other three bottles, we've picked an almighty trio of Malbec, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, so there's something for everyone to enjoy if you're having a Father's Day celebration, or just planning a barbecue for an upcoming weekend.