HSBC tell students to budget to buy wine

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It's important to be realistic about your finances when you head away to university for the first time - and that includes if you plan to buy wine on a regular basis.

Wine is one of the five regular outgoings included in HSBC's new 'league table' of the most affordable universities, along with beer, bus travel, rent and a combined 'weekly essentials' total for food and university supplies.

And interestingly, the cheapest universities overall are not necessarily in the locations where you can buy wine at the lowest prices.

In Manchester for instance, two bottles of wine costs an estimated £12.00 - £2.00 less than in Birmingham, and £5.80 less than in Oxford.

Yet the University of Bristol - where wine costs £5.00 more for two bottles - ranks as cheaper overall for first-year students.

The cost of halls of residence accommodation seems to be to blame, keeping Manchester down in 16th place for first-year students.

And by the time they reach their second year, and can rent privately at lower cost, Manchester leaps up the table to ninth place - with the cost to buy wine in the city within £2.00 of the cheapest price nationwide for two bottles.