How wine gift delivery respects Earth Day

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If the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd has you taking a fresh look at your own carbon footprint, then wine gift delivery is worth considering to help take a few 'carbon miles' out of your wine's journey from the vineyard to your home.

Producing wine in general has benefits for the environment - it uses a lot of land, but this is blanketed in mature vines, rather than being developed for industrial uses or, as with most crop farming, having the entire plant harvested each year to leave just bare earth behind.

On more subjective terms, most people who have travelled to a wine-growing region like Tuscany would agree that the sight of rolling vineyards covering the surrounding hillsides is preferable to most other ways of using the land.

But the nature of wine production means that these vines typically need warm, sunny conditions - and that can mean your wine is produced a long way from the UK, raising the question of how many 'carbon miles' it has travelled before it reaches you.

Looking back to a May 2012 article in the Journal of Cleaner Production, researchers from Dalhousie University in Canada measured the full lifecycle of a bottle of wine - and their findings might surprise you.

According to the scientists, "viticulture and consumer transport contribute the greatest portion of wine's total impacts" and this means that aside from sustainable vineyard growing practices, changing the way we transport wine at the consumer end could have huge benefits.

They added that "the mode by which wine is transported is equally important to the distance that it travels", and this is where services like wine gift delivery offer more than just convenience.

By having wine brought to your door, you allow a single vehicle to complete an entire delivery route, rather than all of those people driving separately to a big out-of-town supermarket or shopping mall to buy a bottle or two each.

It's convenient and eco-friendly - and, when you buy wine online, it can make great economic sense too.