How to buy wine whatever the weather

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The dramatic extremes of recent days may be an unusual event, but for local wine merchants Manchester's weather is part and parcel of life in the city.

Rain is, of course, a common part of Mancunian life - although not usually in quite the quantities seen in this week's storms, coming straight off the back of the hottest July day on record.

When you're trying to buy wine, these kinds of weather patterns can put doubt in your mind: what if the barbecue is rained off? What if you find yourself in the middle of a heat wave?

Our product range has plenty to offer, and the first thing is to still buy wine that you think you will like - whatever the weather might do outside, it's always better if you actually enjoy what's in your glass.

In a heat wave, you might be tempted to opt for white wine, as this can be chilled to a much cooler temperature without incurring the wrath of wine purists.

But if you're going to be outside, or even heading out on a picnic, red wine can be refreshing even if it has been out of the fridge for a while.

Red will also be palatable if an electrical storm knocks out your fridge completely - and if you do suffer a power cut, sitting by candlelight with a glass of red wine isn't a bad compromise.

For a genuinely versatile selection, our Perfect BBQ case deal is a great starting point, with reds, whites and roses so you've got something to fall back on no matter what.