How to buy wine for warmer weather

Many of us are very comfortable to buy wine in winter, when rich reds at room temperature, or even mulled with warming spices, can be a good way to fend off any chill that might be in the air.

But when summertime arrives, it can feel a little harder to buy wine that suits the weather - particularly in the UK, where temperatures can vary on different days of the same week, or between daytime and night-time.

If you're buying wine for yourself, don't be afraid to experiment - try wines from regions whose climate matches the UK's own weather on any given day, and the wine is likely to be a good match too.

During a heat wave, chilled whites and 'blush' wines - those with just a hint of pink to their colour - can be refreshing, and many people even choose to serve them with ice nowadays.

But if you are a committed red drinker, that's fine too - consider a Malbec rosé, which will pack in plenty of flavour with just a slightly lighter touch.

Or of course, you can blend with fruit juices and lemonade to make a summer punch or Sangria, and when you make this to your own recipe, the wine can still be the star of the show.