How science can help to chill your wine gift delivery

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When you buy wine online, or receive a wine gift delivery from a friend or family member, you could be forgiven for wanting to crack open the bottle immediately and take your first taste.

But if the wine is warm, it's going to need chilling before you start drinking it - and unless you have an electronic high-speed wine chiller, you'll need to know some basic science to get the heat out of that bottle fast.

First of all, ice is the obvious starting point, so half-fill an ice bucket and you're ready to begin.

However, it's not yet ready for your bottle to go in, as dry ice cubes don't make good surface contact with a smooth, round bottle.

To speed things up, add cold water - the ice will chill the water, which in turn will make near-complete surface contact with the bottle and begin sapping the heat out of it.

Finally, you can add a generous quantity of salt to lower the melting point of the ice further, which allows the ice bucket to get even colder, and agitate the wine every so often to move warmer liquid to the edge of the bottle.

Get it right and you should have a nicely chilled bottle in as little as ten minutes, making this a science-based shortcut to getting your wine gift delivery ready to drink in a hurry.