How Eurovision can inspire your next online wine shop

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Many people will already have placed orders with their favourite online wine shop ahead of this weekend's Eurovision final, but even once the song contest is over, there are some take-home lessons to learn from it.

First of all, it's a true celebration of the many and varied national identities to be found throughout Europe, and the wines produced across the continent are a great way to experience this too.

Place an order with your online wine shop for bottles from France, Germany and Italy, the sunny climates of Spain and Portugal, even through to Hungary and beyond.

It's not solely about finding a 'good' wine - that's a matter of personal taste anyway - but it's also about going on a journey, sampling the produce of each different country, and deciding which you like best.

You could even hold a Eurovision-style party of your own, where you and some friends get together to taste wines from several different countries, and score them (out of 12, naturally) to see which one wins.

And finally, consider including Australian wine in your list, as the country will be represented in Vienna this weekend as a one-off special guest participant in the Eurovision Song Contest's 60th anniversary show.