How Bronze Age ideas could influence how you buy wine online

When you buy wine online, you're probably not thinking about people who drank wine decades ago - let alone centuries or even millennia before the present day.

But archaeologists know that communities dating back to the Middle Bronze Age, as far back as 1900BC, were already making wine.

Now new evidence has revealed some of the ingredients that were in use some 4,000 years ago - including some you might expect to see when you buy spirits, rather than when you buy wine online.

Andrew Koh from Brandeis University has published the findings of a 2013 excavation in Israel in the journal PLOS ONE, detailing organic residues found in some 40 large storage vessels all of which are believed to have contained wine.

Some of the ingredients detected included honey and cinnamon, and even juniper, now better known as the distinctive flavour in gin.

It's an indication that even four millennia ago, winemakers understood many of the concepts that go into modern-day winemaking too.

From flavour to preservation, the excavation is an insight into techniques that were in use nearly 4,000 years ago - which is bound to make many modern-day wine enthusiasts wonder what those ancient recipes might have tasted like.