Helping the next generation to buy wine with confidence

While many of us buy wine week in, week out, for some it can be a daunting experience - with so many regions, grapes and colours of wine to choose from, where do you begin?

It's not only within wine that drinkers are spoilt for choice, as the whole alcoholic beverages market is much more complex than in generations past.

The organisers of the London Wine Fair have published a 'state on the nation' report, entitled Carpe Vinum, which suggests many young people are not engaged with wine as a regular option.

This is in spite of the fact that consumers aged 18-35 account for a quarter of the total wine-drinking market.

Richard Halsted, chief operating officer at Wine Intelligence, said: "Wine has a great opportunity to engage with the next generation of consumers in the UK.

"Generation Y love authenticity, good stories, and the opportunity to learn and explore."

For all of these reasons, the option to buy wine online could be crucial in helping to get more Millennials engaged with wine in the years to come.

Unprecedented access to all kinds of information, whether from the vineyards or from independent wine merchants, means it is easier than ever to learn about the beverage, making the vast array of choice an advantage, and not an obstacle.