Grupo Faustino give wine merchants carbon confidence

Wine merchants who sell the eight 'most representative wines' produced by Grupo Faustino can now do so with a greater level of confidence over the total carbon footprint of a bottle.

Spanish private technology centre Tecnalia has analysed the entire production cycle of the eight wines, including the electricity used in growing the grapes, agricultural machinery's emissions, packaging materials, cooling the bottles ready for consumption, and even disposing of the bottle.

This is the first time any group has certified such a large variety of wines, and the first time the carbon footprint of consuming the wine and disposing of the packaging has been considered too.

"The results obtained by Tecnalia show that the carbon footprint of the eight Faustino wines analysed is within the range of values close to 1,000 grams of CO2 equivalent," reports the Basque research foundation Elhuyar Fundazioa.

A large number of British wine merchants stock Grupo Faustino wines, with the group's Rioja label among the most easily recognisable.

With its bright yellow label and golden-coloured wire mesh, Faustino Rioja is a perennial favourite with many Brits, who can now be equally reassured about the carbon footprint of each bottle they drink.