Great deals when you buy wine online or in-store

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Whether you prefer to buy wine online or in-store at your local independent wine merchant, it's worth looking out for the best deals on wine prices - and you might be surprised by what's on offer.

For example, many people buy champagne online to get it at the best price, and if you're looking for a specific brand or label that can be a good way to go.

But you'll often find champagne among the wine special offers at your local independent wine merchant, as it's much easier for them to mark a bottle down based on what's in stock.

If you don't have anything specific in mind, try asking in your local independent wine shop to find out what offers the best value, whether it's on special offer or just comes at a great price to begin with.

Champagne, like other still and sparkling wines, has plenty of variety to offer, and this is a great way to explore the different flavours and levels of fizz on the market.

Meanwhile if you prefer the convenience of home delivery when you buy wine online, there are great starting prices and special offers to be found there too.

Our web deals are regularly updated, and offer some of our absolute best deals on wine prices, so look out for new additions to the special offers pages on the Portland Wine website.

For even more wine special offers, check our Facebook page to see what's happening in-store and on the Portland Wine website, or follow your local wine shop on Twitter.

Each of our locations has its own Twitter profile so, again, you can keep track of new wine deals in your local shop as well as those available to buy online.

Together this should all make sure you never miss out on any of our special offers - and if you're ever looking for the best price on something specific, just contact us or come into your local store to find out if we can help.