Good news for fine wine companies as Generation Treaters' spend soars

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Fine wine companies are seeing demand for their tipples soar, as the market becomes increasingly polarised, according to a Wine Intelligence report.

Richard Halstead writes for the industry analyst that the latest results from their Portraits project, which was launched in 2007, shows 'Generation Treaters' are becoming the driving force in the market.

These affluent young professionals constitute 9% of the population, yet account for 24% of all spending on wine.

This is obviously good news for fine wine companies, as it seems these higher-income individuals are more willing to splash out on a better-quality label.

At the other end of the market, Kitchen Casuals - who buy infrequently and at low prices - amount to 5% of total spending, but now comprise 16% of the population, up from 7% in 2007.

Mainstream At-Homers, the bargain-hunting casual consumers of multibuy wines, have dropped to second place in terms of market value, at 26% of the population and 22% of spending.

Of course, independent wine merchants continue to work hard to serve all consumers' tastes, from cash-strapped shoppers seeking bargains, to those higher-spending affluent individuals looking for a bottle with status.