Global wine merchants sell 24bn litres in 2013

Newly published figures reveal that wine merchants around the world sold almost 24 billion litres of wine in 2013.

A report in the Internet Journal of Viticulture and Enology puts the latest estimate of total global wine consumption in 2013 at 238.7 Mhl.

The unit 'Mhl' is millions of hectolitres, equivalent to a tenth of a billion litres.

According to the article, wine merchants across the globe are seeing stabilising demand for the beverage, but there is yet to be solid growth in the post-recessionary era.

In terms of production, globally some 7.436 million hectares of land are dedicated to use as vineyards, equivalent to 7,436 kilohectares or kha in the standardised units.

Almost half of this, 3,481 kha, can be found in Europe, but the biggest growth rates are in China (20 kha more than in 2012), Argentina (+3 kha) and Chile (+2 kha).

The world is now producing some 276.6 Mhl of wine each year - just enough to serve that 238.7 Mhl of global demand, and up by 21.8 Mhl when compared with the total output figure from 2012.