Glass and cork remain fine wine companies' packaging of choice

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When you buy wine from a fine wine company - or even from an independent wine merchant, as opposed to a supermarket - you are probably more likely to see it in a glass bottle, sealed with a cork, rather than in a box or sealed with a screw cap.

According to a report from Euromonitor, this is partly down to habit and tradition; mature markets for wine are more familiar with glass bottles and cork closures, so fine wine companies continue to use them as the default option.

But it is also about the experience of drinking wine, and the sense of theatre that many of us derive from a visit to our local independent wine merchant, selecting the perfect bottle, opening it with our trusty corkscrew, and so on.

Karine Dussimon, senior packaging analyst at Euromonitor International, writes: "It is the sense of sophistication and the etiquette around wine drinking that will enable the 750ml glass bottle to continue its unrivalled ascent for still light grape wine in emerging countries."

For those of us in mature markets, that means we should be able to buy wine in cork-sealed glass bottles for a long time to come, and continue to enjoy the elegance and experience of drinking good-quality wine.