Gen Y 'hold potential' for fine wine company marketing strategies

You might think the typical fine wine company would be dismayed by the profile of Generation Y drinkers - less likely than their predecessors to be closely engaged with wine, and more likely to try other drinks, including some that are outside of their traditional gender-based remit.

But despite this generation of beer-swilling girls and cocktail-sipping boys, there is still plenty of untapped potential for a forward-thinking fine wine company to access, according to a report from Wine Intelligence.

This is because modern-day wine drinkers from Gen Y are more likely to spend more per bottle than previous generations "and also tend to buy it in a way which offers brand owners more scope to boost margins".

The blurring of gender boundaries may also be beneficial in terms of being able to sell rose or sparkling wine to both male and female customers, rather than men insisting on a hearty red or flavoursome dry white.

Fine wine company marketing strategies themselves may also need to shift slightly in the years ahead, as Wine Intelligence note that Gen Y respond better to visuals than to text communications.