Family occasions may help build intentions to buy wine

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What encourages younger people to buy wine, once they become old enough to drink? The answer, as with many things, could be down to parental influences.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, analysis from industry insight provider Wine Intelligence shows that many younger people have their first experiences of wine in their home.

This may be because the law is more relaxed about the age at which alcohol can be consumed within the home - but it seems to apply uniquely to wine.

As the analyst points out, "you don't often see parents giving their kids shots of vodka to go with their steak".

Meanwhile, when young people start going to parties, the alcohol consumed is more likely to be beer - leading them to perceive wine as being more 'fancy' and respectable.

All of this can encourage new drinkers to buy wine when they become old enough to legally do so, introducing many to a lifelong hobby of sampling different grapes and regions.

But it all begins at home, reinforcing the importance of independent wine merchants and the off-trade to family occasions and celebrations.