Celebrate Spanish fine wine on Albarino Day

Albarino Day is a chance to pay homage to Spanish fine wine, as the white variety gets its own recognition on social networks.

However, just as the Queen has two birthdays, so it seems there are two Albarino Days planned for 2012, which both give you a chance to find fellow fans of the grape on Twitter and other online forums.

The first, on May 9th, plans to use the hashtag #AlbarinoDay and encourages wine-lovers to buy wine of the Albarino variety wherever they may be - from their local wine merchant, or in a restaurant that lists the grape among its wines.

Check the tweets on the hashtag, and you can find fellow enthusiasts of Spanish fine wine, and may also discover tasting notes from wine merchants and other experts.

As the summer progresses, though, a second Albarino Day has also been planned for August 4th, this time with the hashtag #AlbarinoFiesta.

Once again, wine-lovers are asked to open a bottle of Albarino and share their tasting experience on Twitter, hopefully while basking in the warmth of a clear summer's evening.