Buy wine the French way

When you buy wine from your local independent wine merchant, how do you choose which bottles to purchase?

Do you attend tasting sessions? Have you visited vineyards in person? Do you shop by grape, or region, or colour of wine?

Or are you happy to stick to whatever your independent wine merchant has on offer today?

Whatever approach you take, you might be surprised to hear that you're probably at least as organised as many French holidaymakers when you buy wine.

According to Wine Intelligence, two fifths of French residents take their summer holidays within France; most are wine drinkers; most holiday in a wine-producing region.

Yet these domestic tourists, from the homeland of many fine wine companies, are as erratic as the most random of British wine drinkers when choosing a bottle to enjoy on vacation.

Half of all French holidaymakers who bought wine in the past six months had not even planned to do so; a further 29% had planned it, but had not selected a wine until the actual moment of their purchase.

Just 21% of all French domestic tourists choose a wine to buy before heading away on holiday - proving that the impulse part of the process is as important to those buying in person from fine wine companies based on French vineyards, as it is to Brits buying from the independent wine merchant down the road.

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