Buy wine online to tap into a naturally functional food

Buy wine online and you might not realise you're purchasing a naturally functional food - but this is not about 'good bacteria'; it's about resveratrol.

This compound is found in the skins of red grapes, and has been finding a place in scientific research in recent years as a potentially massively significant health boost.

It has been associated with improvements in heart disease, the prevention of diabetes, and even protection against cancer.

Now the University of Leicester has held an international conference, Resveratrol 2012, specifically to discuss the benefits of the compound.

Professor Karen Brown, a member of the university's Cancer Biomarkers and Prevention Group, says much is still unknown about the appropriate dose of resveratrol, although many people are already taking it as a dietary supplement.

Until the scientific studies are able to pinpoint the activity of this useful compound, you may simply prefer to buy wine online in order to get a natural dose of resveratrol, while enjoying your favourite appellation.

Wine merchants can help you to find a wine produced from red grapes that suits both your palate, and your desire for a happy and healthy lifestyle.