Buy wine online for Valentine's Day

February 14th is just a few weeks away, making it a good time to buy wine online and make sure you have everything ready well in advance of the big day.

Missing Valentine's Day can earn you 12 months of pain from your partner, and like any other seasonal celebration, orders will surge in the last few days before February 14th itself.

Place your order early and you can buy wine online with the widest selection available to you, rather than facing the risk of your favourite label having sold out.

And if you're thinking of splashing out on a finer wine than you normally drink, men can expect to pay twice as much for the privilege.

That's not to say that the price per bottle is different depending on your gender, but research released by American Express for Valentine's Day last year showed men planned to spend an average of £32 on their wives and girlfriends, whereas the women had budgeted just £17 to buy them something back.

It's been a turbulent year since then, and many budgets are likely to have changed - but whatever you're looking to spend, when you buy wine online you can often make your money go a little further, and get a fine wine that will really impress.