Buy wine online for summer celebrations

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It's official - the clocks have gone forwards, the weather is getting better (with a few hiccups) and it's the perfect time to buy wine online and stock up for the summer.

The possibilities are almost endless, but as temperatures rise, white wine is likely to be in greater demand, so if you have a particular favourite wine, buy a few bottles now to avoid finding it out of stock later on.

If you want alternatives to white wine, rose is of course a summer pleaser, and we've even seen a trend towards people drinking it with ice cubes in.

For red wine enthusiasts, there's always sangria to combine your favourite tipple with fresh fruit juices and lemonade, again with plenty of ice on the hottest days.

Or for a celebration such as a birthday or a summer wedding or engagement party, sparkling wines are always a good option; sparkling reds are pretty rare, but again rose is a good alternative to white if you want a refreshing change.

Whatever your tastes, buy wine online and you can have it delivered well in advance of your summer parties, so you're ready to start enjoying the warmer weather in the weeks to come.