Buy wine online for ethically good prices

When you buy wine online, you can often get a good bottle at a better price than you would see in many shops.

An independent wine merchant can often offer a better price than a big shop with large overhead costs to cover, or a restaurant where wine is served by the glass to accompany a meal.

This is particularly true when you buy wine online, as an independent wine merchant operating via the internet can reduce their overheads still further.

It's worth considering that you are not only buying at a good price; you are also buying at a sustainable, ethical price, compared with some supermarket offers.

WSTA - the Wine and Spirit Trade Association - recently expressed its support for a ban on below-cost sales of alcohol-containing products, a common part of the 'loss leader' approach to boosting supermarket shopping levels.

Chief executive Miles Beale said: "We have maintained for some time that this will deal with the worst cases of deeply discounted alcohol, without impacting on the majority of responsible drinkers."

Once again, this serves as a reminder that, by buying ethically as a responsible drinker, you can not only get good beverages at a good price, but can also protect vulnerable drinkers from manipulation.

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