Buy wine online and forget about the price

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No, we're not encouraging reckless spending - but when you buy wine online, it can be worth trying to put the price to the back of your mind.

That's because often when you buy wine online, you can get very good deals indeed, bringing down the price per bottle - and while the price might be 'cheap', that doesn't mean that the wine is.

Researchers at INSEAD and the University of Bonn recently published in the Journal of Marketing Research the results of their study into how price perception can affect how much we enjoy wine.

They found that identical wines became more enjoyable to participants if they were told they were more expensive - with a similar effect seen in milkshakes that were described as being organic.

It's all part of how our brain interprets messages, and the study found that simply being told wine is expensive, or a milkshake is organic, can directly influence our brain function.

That is to say, we are not just blinded to the real quality of the product; we actually experience it as if it were of the quality we are told that it is.

What this means is, when you buy wine online at a particularly good price, it's worth thinking of it not as 'cheap', but as a good-quality product purchased at good value - your brain will reward you by enjoying it more!