Buy wine online and find a bargain

Buy wine online and you could find a great deal, helping savvy shoppers to save money where they most hope to find a good-quality product at a tempting price.

According to figures from Arc, a retail agency that specialises in turning shoppers into buyers, wine ranks as the number-one product category where Brits prioritise a bargain price.

Some 71% of respondents to a recent Arc survey said they look for bargains when shopping for wine, more than video games (69%), baby toys (63%), lager (61%) and yoghurt (61%).

While some of those products might not be so easy to buy online - you might not be too keen on mail-order yoghurt, for instance, or on buying baby toys without seeing them in person first - it often makes sense to buy wine online.

You can often find a much greater variety of wines online than in your local wine merchants, with your favourite grapes from your favourite regions.

Alternatively, you might find a particular vintage that your nearby wine merchants don't have in stock - making an ideal birthday present for anyone born in that year.