Buy wine online and catch up with National Drink Wine Day

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Only in America would an event based around the consumption of alcohol be held midweek; but if you missed National Drink Wine Day, you can still buy wine online and hold your own celebration on a more convenient evening.

The USA marks the celebration of viticulture on February 18th each year, regardless of what day of the week that falls on, meaning this year's red-letter day was on a Wednesday.

However, thanks to the proliferation of social media in recent years, this time around it was picked up on by other countries too - including a fair few Brits who seemed confused they had never heard of National Drink Wine Day before.

That is perhaps because every day is 'drink wine day' when you're British; we don't need to be told when to buy wine online or when to consume it.

So if you missed this emerging American custom, don't worry, your independent wine merchants will be happy to supply you with everything you need to catch up, and to make National Drink Wine Day into a year-round celebration.