Buy wine online and avoid trekking through the cold

With many Britons anticipating another harsh winter - potentially accompanied by heavy snowfall - some households could be keen to buy wine online and take advantage of the convenience of home delivery.

There are plenty of reasons to buy wine online in the run-up to Christmas - you can simply place your order and rest assured that you're suitably stocked up.

In turn, this should mean there's more room in your trolley when it comes to doing that last big food shop before the big day, and the bags shouldn't be so heavy when you're carrying them to your car.

Of course, it also means you can stock up several times during the festive season - delivery dates permitting - without having to drag yourself out of the warmth of your home to visit your local independent wine merchant in person.

And with Christmas around the corner, wine gift delivery is a great way to get your hands on the perfect present for a loved one.

Or if you are unable to see them in person before the big day arrives, wine gift delivery is a way to show you care, by having a bottle sent to a friend or family member to tide them over until you are able to visit.