Buy wine now and beat the tipping of the surplus balance

Buy wine now and you can rest assured of having a plentiful supply of your favourite tipple for the years to come.

That might sound odd - wine is easily available in almost any quantity, so the thought of any kind of shortage might sound like fantasy.

But market analyst Wine Intelligence reports that while consumption of wine has remained steady at about 25 billion litres globally per year, production rates are falling.

Since the 1970s, more wine has been produced than has been drunk each year - but in 2012 equilibrium was reached.

That means no surplus, but a close parity between suppliers managing to produce wine, and consumers looking to buy wine.

"It's clear that 2013 will not be the year of the bargain wine," reports Wine Intelligence.

"Growers whose wines are already prized will find greater demand, with fewer bottles to sell."

Adverse weather events are only likely to push this imbalance further away from plentiful supply in the years to come.

Therefore, if you have a favourite wine - or simply consume the beverage in large quantities - it could be wise to stock up sooner, rather than later.