Buy wine for that perfect summer party

The British weather might be unreliable, but if you buy wine for your summertime garden party or barbecue, nobody will really mind if the clouds blot out the sun.

Choosing the right wine can be a challenge, though; while many people prefer red wine, it is often associated with the colder winter months.

Not everybody is enamoured with rose wine as an alternative to red, but a good-quality rose Malbec could change their minds, as these can be served chilled but still pack a flavoursome punch.

Speaking of 'punch', there's always the option of creating a summertime wine cocktail; throw together some good red wine with fruit juices, lemonade and ice, and you've got the basis for a refreshing Spanish sangria.

Of course, the obvious option on a hot summer's day is to serve a chilled white wine, and again there are plenty of choices when you buy wine to serve from the fridge.

A crisp Chardonnay can combine powerful flavours with a frisson of effervescence and even a hint of apple flavours - making it an excellent companion if you're serving some summery fruit ciders too.