Buy wine and support a booming UK industry

Buy wine produced within the UK, and you could help one of the brightest-performing parts of the currently troubled economy.

It's easy to think the entire economy is on a downward spiral, but that is not actually the case - and British wine is one of the best performers at present.

According to an IBISWorld report, vineyard acreage in the UK has grown by 50% over the past five years, and 2012-13 revenues are likely to be 8% up compared with the previous year.

This is partly thanks to the country's very visible position on the global stage this year, as events like the Olympics are likely to encourage overseas residents to buy wine and other UK-manufactured goods in greater quantities.

But it's also part of a longer-term trend, with a compound annualised growth rate of 3.2% in each of the five years leading up to 2012-13.

Steven Connell, IBISWorld industry analyst, says: "Locally produced sparkling wine has a growing reputation on the world stage."

And with a relatively open market - the top four UK producers hold only 15% share of sales - there's plenty of choice for newcomers to British wine.