Buy wine and practise your sniffing technique

Plenty of us buy wine based on its qualities such as aroma, consistency of colour and, ultimately, its taste.

But what you might not realise is that, when you buy wine based on your sense of smell, you could be acting less like a human, and more like a creature from elsewhere in the animal kingdom.

Researchers at the University of Chicago have been looking at animals known to have a keener sense of smell than humans - and believe it may be possible to 'focus' your olfactory capabilities in the same way as you focus your eyesight.

We're all used to adjusting our focus to look at close-up objects, as opposed to those far away, and you may find you are able to do similar with your hearing, for example to listen to a specific instrument in an orchestral piece.

But the next time you buy wine, give it a sniff - and see if you can take your sense of smell to a similar level of accuracy and control.

"Scholars have hypothesised that animals may be able to focus sniffing," the researchers explain.

"Humans are also known to be able to adjust their ability to detect specific odours with practice - when cooking or sampling wine, for instance."