Australian fine wine companies told to promote UK cellaring

UK wine enthusiasts could encounter more encouragement from overseas to start a wine cellar of their own, as Australian fine wine companies have been told that this is a potential way to increase market share in the UK market.

The suggestion is made in an article by Richard Halstead, chief operating officer of Wine Intelligence, and is published in the Wine & Viticulture Journal based in Broadview, South Australia.

He writes: "Opportunities to expand wine sales in the UK market could arise from persuading more Brits to invest in a longer-term relationship with wine by committing to the concept of cellaring."

Cellaring allows bottles to be bought from fine wine companies and stored safely for consumption at a later date - meaning the produce of a particularly fine vintage can be enjoyed even several decades later.

The UK's climate actually makes it quite possible to do this at relatively low cost, as there may be no need for an insulated, air conditioned cellar to be constructed.

Instead, the temperate climate should mean that any naturally cool cellar holds the potential to store wine without it spoiling - allowing fine wines to be put to one side for a special occasion.