Are you a 'satisficer' when you buy wine online?

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How adventurous are you when you buy wine online? You might think people who don't know much about wine would be the more adventurous, able to try new things without being stuck in their ways, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

Writing for business analyst Wine Intelligence, Juan Park explains that people with a fully comprehensive understanding of a product category such as wine become 'maximisers', taking care to choose the best product to suit their needs.

But a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and those who are not so widely experienced in all the different types of wine might opt for something more familiar when they buy wine online.

Doing so is termed 'satisficing' - because the customer chooses to 'satisfy' their desire with something that will 'suffice', rather than going all-out for the best possible product.

It's the same principle that governs why we choose familiar food when eating abroad, or a brand-name coffee house rather than an independent, and it can stem in part from the fear of making a poor choice.

But this can leave us at risk of missing out not only on the bad, but also on the good - so if you're big enough to take the rough with the smooth, it might be worth consulting your independent wine merchant and making a more adventurous purchase next time you buy wine.