American chemists bathe in wine online

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Only in America - the American Chemical Society has posted a tongue in cheek video of one of its representatives bathing in wine online.

Matt Davenport hosts Speaking of Chemistry, the light-hearted YouTube channel of the ACS's magazine Chemical & Engineering News.

An NBA all-star recently posted a photograph of himself bathing in wine online via his social media account - and that got C&EN wondering about the possible health benefits of doing so.

In the video, Matt explains that the antioxidants in wine are believed by some people to help tackle free radicals in the skin.

However, he notes that those same antioxidants are not known to penetrate the skin too well from the outside - which might be good news for people who prefer to drink wine rather than bathe in it.

If you do want to try a wine bath, do it in direct sunlight, which should help bring the free radicals to the surface layers of your skin and give the antioxidants a fighting chance.